Mainstreaming GAD in the workplace

      President Nelia Z. Cauilan enjoins ASC officials, faculty, and staff to infuse Gender and Development (GAD)-related activities their Program Activity Project (PAP) utilizing 20% of ASC's total budget.

ASC employees attended the 1st GAD activity under President Cauilan's stint, spearheaded by the GAD office led by its focal person Ms. Cheryl F. Olvida, on April 19-22, 2018.

Dubbed as "Gender Sensitivity Training for ASC Technical Working Group", the two-day activity was conducted to orient and raise awareness and increase knowledge on the importance of being gender sensitive and to mainstream gender and development in the workplace that catersboth men and wowen seriously.

Dr. Jocelyn D. Tuscano, Professor VI and GAD Focal Person of Cagayan State University (CSU) was the resource speaker for the event. Being one of the Resource Pool of the Philippines Council for Women (PCW), Dr. Tuscano's expertise has been frequently sought in nationwide GAD seminars and workshops.

She discussed basic concepts of gender emphasizing that gender roles are first taught in early childhood."The once male dominated society is now a thing of the past", she said.She further explained that being gender sensitive is respecting every person regardless of profile.

Lectures on gender analysis and legal bases of GAD were also discussed along with group workshops.

Dr. Tuscano said, gender equality is not a woman's issue but should concern to engage both men and women and that gender biases impede development because it prevents individuals from attaining full potentials to become effective contributors of the society.