ASC Luna Conducts Seminar on Professionalism and
Commitment with Team Building
(By: Dr. Mary Ann M. Bautista)

      The employees of Apayao State College - Luna Campus attended a seminar on Team Building with integrated concepts of Professionalism and Commitment at Mawanan Mountain Resort and Convention Center, Sta. Filomena, Calanasan, Apayao on August 15, 2016 with the University of Saint Louis - Tuguegarao Vice President for Academics Dr. Emmanuel James P. Pattaguan as resource speaker.

The seminar is a sequel of the first held on May 25, 2015 at RJ Domingo Fish Farm Resort with the same speaker on same topic but with different breadth and depth. The caliber of Dr. Pattaguan as a speaker captivated the listeners as the discussion started from personal matters to professional and spiritual aspects of the human person. All throughout the day, he consistently emphasized the role of the employee in the academe and in the community touching with humor and frankness the good and bad practices of employees which were received with nods, giggles and hearty and shaking laughters that left some of us with tears afterwards.

Over lunch, with the College officials led by the president, Dr. Nieves A. Dacyon, Dr. Pattaguan, who is a CHED assessor of Outcomes- based Education(OBE) and Institutional Sustainability Assessment(ISA), quickly mentioned a few of the many requirements of quality education as prescribed and assessed by CHED. As part of its commitment to quality education and poverty alleviation, the College expressed its intention to already engage the good speaker as consultant and adviser on this matter.

What was most significant about this seminar was how the speaker delivered the message with the beautiful interplay of temporal and spiritual needs (in the words of Father Cesar de Guzman); the interweaving of the academic and domestic roles of a person; the commonness of the basic important things which are usually left unnoticed or ignored - like prayer, faith, honesty, family relationships, health, feelings, sunshine etc; the connection of the learning potentials and challenges; dealing with success and failure and the coming home to oneself and one's God.

With a pleasantly cool weather(compliments from hanging Habagat), a beautifully green and unpolluted venue without cellphone signal, a high caliber speaker, the seminar was a success with a WHISTLE-BOMB CLAP(as illustrated by Dr. Pattaguan)! It is hoped that other seminars in the future would bring back Dr. Pattaguan to ASC to help it in its growth and success.

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