A.Conduct of RDE- led Research Initiatives

Implementation of the Conservation Agriculture and Forest Ecosystems (CAFE) Project

The project on Conservation Agriculture, Forestry and Eco- System (CAFE) Research and Development in Barangay Gui-naang, Conner, Apayao being implemented by the Apayao State College is an undertaking that builds on the assets of smallholder farmers with the goal of reducing poverty through the generation of alternative sources of livelihood for the people of Apayao. Specifically, the CAFE project intends to develop suitable farming systems and to identify the best possible crop combinations appropriate to the agri- ecological zones of Conner, Apayao.

The following activities are being undertaken from January to March 2017:
  1.Gathering of data on the research study titled: "Yield Performance of Ginger in Mid elevation Areas of Conner"
  2.Conduct of the research: "Comparative Performance of three varieties of mung bean in the CAFÉ Project Sites"
  3.Inventory of Macrofloral Resources in the CAFÉ Project Site After Typhoon Lawin

Gathering of data at the Project Site

B.Dissemination/ Presentation of Research in Fora

One of the MFOs and PIs under Research is the presentation of research results in various fora and conferences, from the regional to international level. On March 11-13, 2017, the Global Researchers Association and Convergence for Excellence (GRACE) Inc. organized the International Conference in Latest Trends of Education and Research (ICILTER) held at the Crown Legacy Hotel at Baguio City, Philippines. In the conference, a Lecture on "Research Writing for Publication and Funding" was delivered by Dr. Roberto Pagulayan, Director, Zonal Research Center- III, provided pointers on the preparation of good quality researches based on the standards of the funding agencies and emphasized not only in the publication of the research outputs but also resource generation if the research activity would lead to production of patented products. Mr. Allen Mayodong presented the paper entitled "Maximizing the Potentiality of Cameraphone in Documentary Filmaking: A Participatory Medium in Teaching Isnag Culture" and Mr. Nathaniel Llamelo of RDE Unit presented the paper entitled “Preliminary Macrofloral Inventory at the Conservation Agriculture Forest Ecosystem (CAFÉ) Project Site, Conner, Apayao”.

C.Review of Proposal

Two (2) research proposals were initially reviewed by the Unit
     1.Beliefs and Practices of the Malawegs of Conner, Apayao
     2.The family and Community Life of the Malawegs of Conner, Apayao

D.IPR Protection of Research Results an Outputs

For the quarter, six (6) UM were applied in the IPO. These included method of Processing Wine from Dragon Fruit, Method of Processing Tonic From Camote Leaves and Natural Honey, Method of Processing Wine from Dragon Fruit and Honey, and Method of processing by Dr. Ariel Alcones; Method of Processing jam from Tannia and camote by Rita Hidalgo and Method of producing Dragon Fruit Jelly with Lemon Marmalade by Agusta Dangiwan & Leandro Alla

E.Presentation/ dissemination of Research Agenda to various stakeholders

The RDE program/ thrusts/ plans/ direction were presented during the CSO Consultation conducted on March 9, 2017 at the ASC Multimedia Center. It was attended by various civil service organizations and individuals in Conner and Lenneng, Apayao. The participants responded positively to the presentation by committing their full support and cooperation in the implementation of the College’s programs and activities.

F.Technology promotion (Research- extension interface)

Another activity that evaluators and accreditors for Quality Assurance recommend for the College to give importance is the promotion and extension of research results. To address this recommendation, the College participated in the Agro Industrial Trade Fair during the Apayao Day on Feb 10- 13, 2017 to promote technologies developed through the initiatives of the faculty and staff of the institution. BIGBA, Lubeg RDE outputs, Tannia and Banana processing technologies and its products in particular were displayed and sold. Mrs. Florida Bono had technology demonstration on Tannia – sesame balls and Mrs. Lilia Lagua was tapped by DOST for the technology demonstration on Chili paste, powder and taro chips.

G.Capability Building and RDE Meeting

For Jaunary 2017, the RDE team headed by the VP for RDE conducted an Assessment Meeting cum Planning to determine the accomplishments of the Unit in MFO 2- Research Services and MFO3-Extension Servives and identify the strategies towards the attainment of the PIs set by other oversight agencies.

As Consortium Member Institution of the HAARRDEC, the VP RDE, RDE Director and RDE Staff participated in the Strategic Planning of the consortium on February 15-18, 2017 at San Fabian , Pangasinan.

Moreover, Faculty –researchers and Staff participated in other research related activities such as National Dance Research Conference, Core Group Meetings, Climate Change Proposal Crafting & Proposal Preparation at Baguio and Manila.