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       A health service in schools is one of the greatest services provided by the administration of state colleges and universities. It is considered vital for school’s development. The role played by nurses becomes very important component. In fact, it can be said that they are one of our school builders. They provide an opportunity for students to develop mental and physical health, a high self esteem, and a confidence for learning. The self-evident benefits of health in education include universal access, these programs propose to combine health education, health promotion and disease prevention, and access to health and social services, at the school site. While earlier generations of school health programs were predominantly concerned with stemming the threat of infectious disease, such problems have now to a large extent been superseded by the “new morbidities”-injuries, violence, substance abuse, risky sexual behaviors, psychological and emotional disorders, problems due to poverty-and by concerns about many students’ lack of access to reliable health information and health care (Dryfoos, 1994).

       Students to start school with the healthy minds, bodies, and mental alertness necessary for learning. Safe, disciplined, alcohol and drug-free and healthy school environments. Access for all students to physical education and health education to ensure that students are healthy and fit. Increased parental partnerships with schools in order to promote the social, emotional, and academic growth of students.

       Many state colleges and universities (SUC) are passing their own policy to reform health care at the state colleges and universities level; this policy will affect the quality and equity of care for students as access to care is beginning to differ from state colleges and universities. Increasingly greater numbers of individuals participate in manage health care arrangements, which emphasize prevention and early detection of health problems in order to maximize the effectiveness and contain the costs of care for the students as well as for the staff and employees.
        It is in this purpose, that Apayao State College has kindled its desire to create a Computerized Health Record System.         Thus, sometime in April, 2007 an item was made for a school nurse in the institution to heed the need in this endeavor. Such item was Item No. - ASCB-NURS1-4-2007.

The statement of duties and responsibilities are the following:
25%- Conducts health awareness program for employees and students
30%- Renders basic health services to public clients
25%- Coordinates with other health agencies for medical and dental missions
20%- Does other related jobs.

Publication of the item was done in all conspicuous areas. Hence, in 2008, 2nd day of august, screening of applicants were made. There were three (3) who applied for the item and luckily it was Eunice Molina Aloag who topped the ranking. After further deliberation of the result of the ranking at Conner Apayao, the president Dr. Zacarias A. Baluscang Jr. appointed the highest in rank and its effectivity on September 1, 2008. As an aggressive neophyte nurse in the College, there were a lot of programs envisioned by her to implement for the betterment of the institution and for quality health services not only for the faculty and staff but more so to the students.

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