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Guidance and Counselling


Guidance program is an essential part of the college’s overall academic program, supporting social, personal, academic and career success for each student. It is based on the principle that each student possesses inherent worth, specific rights and inherent dignity and is a unique and dynamic person capable of growth and development. The program supports the improvement of the different skills that students will acquire to face the challenges that may come along. The Apayao State College Guidance Program is designed to be needs-based, standard-based, data driven and developmental. Every activity is in collaboration with the faculty and staff, administration and members of the community. The guidance program is comprehensive in scope, preventative in design and developmental in nature.


Apayao State College – Guidance Program is a recognized quality center of holistic development for students.


The Guidance Office considers all students as a part of the program to become successful, happy and fulfilled individuals as a contributory factor of the society through conducting activities related to academics, career/vocational and personal/social development of the students..

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