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Guidance and Counselling


1. Quality and Excellence
- Raise the level of awareness of students on the direction of the college
- Raise the level of self, social, academic and career-vocational development among all students of the college.

2. Access and Equity
- Creation of student organization to maximize avenues for the skills, talent and capabilities of students
- Orientation for all students
- establish well coordinated partnership among partner agencies for student support
- Link with different benefactors to draw more financial assistance for students
- Establish linkages with other public and private educational institution for student development programs

3. Efficiency and Effectiveness
- Conduct a focus-grouped discussion among the ASC administration, faculty and staff to enhance a lively, active, responsible, disciplined and productive Guidance
- Conduct consultative meetings to enhance student development programs
- Review the different guidelines, policies and procedures of the different services
- Coordinate with the different key persons in developing plan
- Establish partnership for collaboration for student development
- Packaging of the different programs and activities

4. Relevance and Responsiveness
Dwell in action-researches, surveys and studies to contribute to the overall vision and mission of the College as well as to the vision of the province as a whole.

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