Graduate School

ASC Graduate School: Promising Officialdom
by Milmar L. Bunnao

     “Stressing the importance of research, highlighting and embracing the trends as to the development of any study, the necessity of Upgrading researchers and the need to venture to community action research that somehow help alleviate poverty to cope with the trends of ASEAN Development, Sharing his humble beginnings, Atty. Jemar B. Apada , Chief of Staff, Office of the Provincial Governor concluded his speech inputting the 4’ S of successful research – that one must STUDY, SACRIFICE, SUFFER and SPEND underscoring the importance of these for a better output, during the induction ceremony of the new set of officers of the Apayao State College Graduate School at RJ Domingo Fish Farm, Alem Pudtol Apayao, on August 8, 2015 with the theme " Upgrading Reseachers for Sustainable ASEAN Development" having Mr. Milmar Bunnao, MaEd Students and an English Instructor of ASC and Ms. Gay ann Langbay, MPA student and a Certified Public Accountant presently working at the Department of Public Works and Highways as the program’s hosts.

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     The program began through the outgoing President Ms. Ronalyn Ganaden’s insightful speech in her opening remarks regarding leadership lessons. She conveyed with great extent that leadership entails huge responsibilities and sacrifices. To emphasize further, she expressed that being a leader means regarding the benefits of others as priority since leadership is a commitment and appropriate attitude is crucial.

     In the absence of the College President Dr. Nieves A. Dacyon who was on Official Business, Dr. Zacarias Baluscang, Jr., College Professor and one of the faculty members in the Graduate School commended the inducting officer venturing on community action researches. As to Leadership he emphasized that one must respect individual differences and fosters diversity. Promoting tolerance, inclusion, and empowerment for people from a variety of backgroundsis a ticket to a meaningful and substantive public service.

     As to the inaugural speech of the president elect, Mr. Philip Uba, he remarked that student leaders should work hard for progress, not for monetary gain, but for a greater sense of fulfilment. Despite the struggles he’s encountering due to his severe head ache and fever, he guaranteed to serve with passion. He believes that an organization can be considered as a family. And within the family, officers and members should cooperate and work together for a greater good.He promised to be the voice of the student body and will uphold the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the school.

     On the turnover of responsibility, Ms. Shellane Divina Dionisio highlighted that Leadership should exert a wholesome influence on the school. She reiterated that taking initiative in the classroom and in school activities, the real leader strives to train and aid others to reach their common goals of success. Further reiterated that the price of leadership is sacrifice—the willingness to yield one’s personal interests for the welfares of others.

     In the congratulatory and closing remarks of Dr. Susan V. Bongalon, she applauded the outgoing group in the graduate school first set of officers for their unexpected projects and proposed plans. She likewise congratulated the new set of officers indicating the continuing emphasis on excellence that they represent for our school and community. She accentuated the characteristics of a leader having the self-confidence and will go forward when others hesitate. Underscoring the L-E-A-D wherewithal of a leader, that one must LIVE, EMPOWER, ADVOCATE and DEFEND because no matter what power and resources may exist in a school, community, or nation, they are ineffectual without the guidance of a wise leader. She even shared her secret of 4 F’s ingredients of success that one must be FAST, FLEXIBLE, FOCUSED and FRIENDLY. She even exemplified that Graduate school focus more on Research and Extensionin cognizant to the Outcome Based Education. She further promised the Graduate school students that she will be staying despite the hideous illness she is suffering. She concluded in her remarks “THE GRADUATE SCHOOL STUDENTS NEED MY BRAIN NOT MY FEET”.

     Meanwhile, a meeting was called to order after the lunch break. Dr. Agnes Gabuat, one of the faculty members who graced the occasion generously shared insights on the crafting of the Development Plan and Action Plan. On the other hand, Dr. Ronald Ocampo, Dr. Rema B. Ocampo, Dr. Bernie Gamiao and Dr. Corazon Claveria, members of the Graduate School Faculty were not able to attend the said event due to important undertakings.Simultaneously, a simple talks on research, the induction program and a short planning meeting of the proposed projects of the Batch were held.