Program and Thrust


    ASC Extension Services that all its clientele are capacitated for self governance and self reliant community.


     Responding to the College mandate to perform extension as one of its major functions, the College intends to bring about radical changes to the life of the community through the provision of the technologies/knowledge and skills necessary for the progress of the clientele's life making more productive and responsive citizen's of the country.


1. Poverty Reduction and Empower of the Poor and Vulnerable

a. Adopt a Barangay

b. Food Nutrition and Sufficiency

c. Organic Farming

d. Model Barangay

e. People' Organization Development

f. Assistance to farmers to become Magsasaka Siyentista

g. Adoption of technology of the existing Magsasaka Siyentista

h. Livelihood and Enterprises

i. Disperal

j. Gender and Development and Empowerment of the Youth

k. Literacy Program

2. Integrity of the Environment and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

a. Forest Management and Conservation

b. Watershed Management

c. Agroforestry farms

d. Waste Management

e. Forest Product Utilization

f. Biodiversity Conservation

g. Envuronmental Sanitation

h. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

i. Ecotourism

j. Nursery Establishment

k. Sport and Recreation

3. Culture and Arts

a. Packaging of IK's Best Practices

4. Information Services

a. Provision of IEC materials in carious multi-media formats (prints, audio, video, internet)

b. Translation and Reproduction of IEC materials

c. Conduct of Info Caravan

d. Exhibit of new technology, products and services

e. Packaging of matured technology

5. Technology Services

a. Conduct technology seminar and trainings.

b. Provision of technical assistance

* Agricultural Extension

* Continuing Education

* Technical Vocational Program (Food processing, Garments, Welding, etc)

* Others: Basic Typewriting, Computer Literacy, Assistance on the
       Barangay/Village Development Plan

c. Linking clients to experts, financial institutions, input suppliers and markets.

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