Highlights of Accomplishments

  • Apayao State College is the ONLY Institution catering tertiary education in the entire province of Apayao

  • ASC is one of Pilot SUCS of the Asset Inventory Management (AIM) Program of CHED.

  • ASC is the adaptor of complimentary of Food Production in Cordillera Administrative Region.

  • Forged partnership for linkage programs with the PLGUs,MLGUs,Alumni & PPP for Private entities for land asset management and program upgrading.

  • ASC's programs were subjected to RQAT Visit. This pushed the college towards its aggressive accreditation TOWARDS.

  • 14 programs were accredited within the year where (Nine (9) programs passed the Preliminary Survey Visit (PSV),four (4) programs were accelerated to level l and one (l )program passed level ll.

  • Enrolment increase from SY 2012-2013 to SY 2013-2014 by 11 %.

  • ASC was able to obtain the approval of the Calanasan LGU for a 997.221 hectares at Eva Garden, Calanasan Apayao which is designated as the Calanasan Integrated Biodiversity and forestry research center (CIBFRC)of ASC under the Calanasan Forest land use plan with ASC as the administrator.

  • Apayao State College is partnership on the SUC's Information System Strategic Plan(ISSP) for the Medium - Term Information & Communication Technology Harmonization Initiative(MITHI).