Assesment of Freshwater Resources in Apayao
Agustina G. Pattung,Ph.D.

The different tributaries of Apayao-Abulug River system serve as a source of aquatic food particularly fish,shell and crustaceans of the Iyapayaos.However,availability of these resources has declined in the past due of exploitation and siltation of the major water system.This study aimed to determine the biophysical and chemical characteristics of major river system and describe the habitat of fish and shells in the Province of Apayao. Field survey and water analysis were conducted in the upstream,midstream,downstream of 10 rivers in Apayao namel;Acutan,Nabuangan,Barren,Cabicungan,Laco,Karagawan,Nagan,Binuan,Zumigue and Ziwanan rivers. Analysis of physic-chemical parameters of the river system revealed that air and water ranges from 22-30 ˚C ,average water velocity0.11-3.44 m/s stoney to muddy, bottom type, clear water,pH range of 7.32 to 7.97 average DO level and BOD of 6.11 and 2.96 mg/L,respectively.Moreover,the bio-physical and chemical parameters measured in the different rivers fall within the standard set by DENR for unpolluted rivers.The different rivers are inhabited by diverse fish and shell species, activities within the river include fishing,bathing,swimming,washing,rivers are used to transport goods by the residents. The rivers provide an abundant water supply for irrigation as well as for domestic uses.These are Dipterocarp species growing in the area while shrubs and grasses dominate the buffer zone of the rivers.


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