Development of Lubeg(Syzygiumlaneatum(Roxb.)Merr. and Perry) Processed Products
Normalina P. Usita

Lubeg(Syzygiumlaneatum(Roxb.)Merr. and Perry) is lesser known fruit in the Provinceof Apayao , Philippines.It is a highly perishable fruit and belongs to family Myrtaceae.The primary object of this study is to develop processed products of lubeg fruits.The experimental method of research was conducted.From the result of the study,the following are concluded:Lubeg wine is preferred over other localy produced wine namely bignay and duhat.However,no significant differences were observed in their taste,appearance and aroma.On the other hand,strawberry jam is preferred over lubeg and bignay jam. No significant differences were observed in their taste,appearance and aroma.Lubeg fruits reserved ,Jam and Jelly can be best used as fillers to baked product when mixed in pineapple jam;lubeg juice can be improved when mixed with lemongrass in 1:2,1:1 an 2:1 ratio.In the light of the findings and conclusion,the following are forwarded as recommendations:mass production of lubeg products should be done;promotionof the developed technology through trainings and attendance to trade fairs should be done;and similar research should be conducted using other flavors fruits or herbs to improve the quality of lubeg products.

Keywords:Lubeg,product development

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