Socio-Economic Profile of Rice Terraces Farmers in Apayao
Jaybee B. Omaweng

This study was conducted to determine the socio- economic profile of rice terraces farmers in Apayao.The result of the study disclosed that most of the respondents are male,age 31-40 years old,married,have attained elementary level,with 5 and more children,studying in public schools.The primary source of income is farming,and in order to augment income they do livestock raising,vegetable and root crop gardening.Most of the respondents owned a house and a lot but in semi-concrete,bungalow type.The respondents are member of farmer's association and have attended trainings on farming.There are 92 elementary schools,11 High Schools and one tertiary school in Conner,Calanasan, and Kabugao,Apayao.Cultural practices includes pisit, bunyag, tadog, say-am, atang, mangatungangan, mogahuyag, magdewas, pasalip, and ragragsak.The Farmer-respondents cultivate both native and commercial hybrid varieties within the rice terraces in Conner,Calanasan, and Kabugao,Apayao.In the light of findings,the following recommendation are forwarded;strengthen indigenous practices in the conservation of rice terraces and management practices to increase rice yield and maximize income of farmers,conduct further study to correlate the relationship of the social and eco- dissemination on the advantages of using traditional varieties of rice.

Keywords:socio-economic,rice terraces, Farmers

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