Assesment of Fishing and fish Production Practices in Apayao
Agustina G. Pattung,Ph.D.

Apayao rivers are major sources of fish and shell species and the Isnags, indigenous people of the Province carried out fishing and shell capture as the simplest and easiest source of livelihood. However, with modernization, new species were introduced, Fishing practices were modified and innovative aquaculture technologies were adapted by local folks. This study aimed to determine the indigenous fish and shell production practices of the Province of Apayao. Field survey, interview and photo documentation were utilized in this study.There are various kinds of native fish and shell species are found in the freshwater habitats within the province which included gurami, palileng, native Karpa, paltat, dalag, igat, kiwat, to’rit, agudung, dukiang, bildat, balingasa, ahama, native kohol, udang, and padaw.there are also indigenous fishing gears and fish-shell practices are being employed by the fisher folks.They utilized sidu, sarapa, sigay, tabukol, bukatot, sedeng, banni-it, pana, fish pot, scoop net, alat, pana and bubo during fish and shell capture operations.Some of the fisher folks still employ “karas” while other utilized gill net, hook and line or trap nets.Some of the fisher folks still in the province of Apayao have already adapted new methods and facilities in fish and shell production using concrete tanks, hapa net or earthen fishponds.

Keywords:assessment,fish production

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