Web-Based Grading System of Apayao State College
Magilyn A, Racacho

The computerized grading system is advantageous on the part of the students and also to the school to improve the current system of Apayao State College especially in monitoring the students’s academic growth.For this reason, the researcher came up with an alternative solution to provide better services to the users.Such as fast access and response to the data inquiries at certain times, easy retrieval of records, and it can also assist the administration to easily check records of the students.The study is determined the current process in the student grading system.Series of interviews, observations and documents analysis were used as the data gathering techniques.The primary sources of data were the information derived from the interviews with the registrar’s staff together with some faculty members.As supplementary information,various forms, reports, and documents used in the existing system were gathered, collected,and analyzed to support the design of the proposed system.

Keywords:web-based,grading system

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