Apayao State College On-Line Faculty Evaluation System
Imelda M. Taguiam

Apayao State college On-line faculty Evaluation System is an evaluation system primarily organized to improve the current system of Apayao State College through a customizable web based solution that will yield to better information for the faculty to make date driven decisions. Just like any other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), ASC would also like to improve its service. Like this application web based Evaluation System, therefore, will hasten the traditional system for evaluation of using criteria form and is expected to gain higher participation making it online for free access of the three campuses which are cubet, Malama, and Luna. That the Faculty and staff together with the students could make it easier for them to participate and communicate their thoughts to provide useful information necessary for developing the institution. Hence, the developer came up with an alternative solution to provide better service to the users. Such as quick response to the data inquires at certain times, easy retrieval of records, and it can also help the management to easily examine records as sufficient support for major decisions in promotions, search for outstanding employees, scholarships, and classroom improvements. This made the developer conduct a study on the web-based evaluation system.

Keyword:on-line Faculty Evaluation.

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