Correlates Between Teaching Competence and student's achievement of Apayao State College-Conner Campus
Magdalena Edan

The study aimed to determine the relationship between the teacher’s performances and student’s academic achievements of the Bachelor of Secondary Education for second semester, School year 2010 – 2012.It covered the bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE) department, second semester for the school year 2010-2011 of the Conner Campus. The research study involved all the core faculty teaching in the BSE and the student enrolled in their classes. The descriptive-correlational method of research was used in determining the correlation of teaching performance of core faculty and academic performance of the students in the Bachelor of Science in secondary Education department. Data were take from the Chairperson of TED and Office of the College Registrar. Descriptive Statistics like frequency and percentage was employed in the study. Mean was used to show the over-all performance of the BSE core faculty and BSE students GPA during the second semester, school year 2010-2011 . Results of the study showed that the teaching competences of a faculty contribute to the achievement of the students. The quality of the teacher in every classroom greatly influences the learning of the students

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