The effect of Song on Students' Attitude and Achievement
Reymarie M. Caban,Ph.D.

This study aimed to find out the effects of songs as an instructional aid in teaching Social Studies 1 in terms of academic achievement and development of desirable attitude toward the subject. A repeated measure experimental design was used, wherein one class was exposed to two different conditions.Two types of Tests were administered.First, the attitude scale test which measure the ideas ,feelings and predisposition of students in the learning of Social Studies 1. Second, the achievements test which was administered as a post-test. The achievement test exhibited cognitive complexity because it measure knowledge, comprehension and higher order thinking skills.The mean and the standard deviation were used to determine the achievement and attitude scores while the t-test was used to compute the significant difference between the mean achievement scores and the mean attitude scores.It was found out that the attitude and the achievement of the student was better when they taught with the use of song.It is recommended that local songs(even in vernacular) can be used for reinforcing interest, values and even the teaching of knowledge in social studies.Careful and wise use of song to fit the sensitivities of the student,subject matter and the subject’s learning competencies .

Keywords::use of songs, improved achievement, desirable attitude

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