Profile of the registered Entrepreneurs of barangay Caglayan:Its Impact to Economic Development
Josefina Batugal

One of the major sources of income of the people in Barangay Caglayan is through engaging in entrepreneur activities.Known to be the center of conner municipality,several business establishments are visible in the area.These includes convenience stores, stores for ready to wear clothes, videoke Bars, snack house, beauty salon variety store,panciteria/eatery,welding shop and rice mill.most of the entrepreneurs in the barangay are females who have reach an age of maturity and are family women in their own rights.They practice the catholic faith and have acquired a high level of formal education.These entrepreneurs utilized their own savings to put up a business enterprise with a capitalization of 28,000 and above.It was also observed that most have been running their business for the past 5 years with the help of their family members.The most lucrative is the business of retailing,though other entrepreneurial activities such as panciteria/eatery,selling ready to wear clothes, and welding shop were also thrive well. These entrepreneur activities showed significant impact on the socio-economic development of the entrepreneurs particularly in the area of education and housing.Factors affecting the operations of the entrepreneurs are lack of capitalization,assistance from technical experts,and the time to devote to operate the business activities.

Keywords:: Entrepreneurs, economic development

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