Socio-Economic Profile of Rice Terraces Farmers in Apayao
(Jaybee B. Omaweng)

This study was conducted to determine the socio- economic profile of rice terraces farmers in Apayao.The result of the study disclosed that most of the respondents are male,age 31-40 years old,married,have attained elementary level,with 5 and more children,studying in public schools.The primary source of income is farming,and in order to augment income they do livestock raising,vegetable and root crop gardening.Read more

Profile of the registered Entrepreneurs of barangay Caglayan:Its Impact to Economic Development
(Josefina Batugal)

One of the major sources of income of the people in Barangay Caglayan is through engaging in entrepreneur activities.Known to be the center of conner municipality,several business establishments are visible in the area.These includes convenience stores, stores for ready to wear clothes, videoke Bars, snack house, beauty salon variety store,panciteria/eatery,welding shop and rice mill.Read more

The effect of Song on Students' Attitude and Achievement
(Reymarie M. Caban,Ph.D.)

This study aimed to find out the effects of songs as an instructional aid in teaching Social Studies 1 in terms of academic achievement and development of desirable attitude toward the subject. A repeated measure experimental design was used, wherein one class was exposed to two different conditions.Read more

The Extent of Implementation of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program in Apayao: An Assesment
(Reymarie M. Caban,Ph.D.)

Philippines conditional cash transfer program,Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program is the widest poverty alleviation project run through the Department of Social Welfare and Development It focuses in the more disadvantage sectors of society of providing faster and better social protection through improve and appropriate models and programs (National Anti-Poverty Comission,2010;World Bank,2010).Read more

Development and Validation of Bingomath Games for selected Topic in Math
(Luningning A. Aribbay)

Mathematics is the language of all science. Mathematics is used in everyday life from the simplest daily task of cooking food to sophisticated activities of understanding research breakthroughs.In spite of its importance in human life,student have negative notion in math.In fact most of them do not appreciate the role of mathematics in society.Read more

Correlates Between Teaching Competence and student's achievement of Apayao State College-Conner Campus
(Magdalena Edan)

The study aimed to determine the relationship between the teacher’s performances and student’s academic achievements of the Bachelor of Secondary Education for second semester, School year 2010 – 2012.Read more

Apayao State College On-Line Faculty Evaluation System
(Imelda M. Taguiam)

Apayao State college On-line faculty Evaluation System is an evaluation system primarily organized to improve the current system of Apayao State College through a customizable web based solution that will yield to better information for the faculty to make date driven decisions. Just like any other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), ASC would also like to improve its service.Read more

Web-Based Grading System of Apayao State College
(Magilyn A, Racacho)

The computerized grading system is advantageous on the part of the students and also to the school to improve the current system of Apayao State College especially in monitoring the students’s academic growth.Read more

Assesment of Fishing and fish Production Practices in Apayao
(Agustina G. Pattung,Ph.D.)

Apayao rivers are major sources of fish and shell species and the Isnags, indigenous people of the Province carried out fishing and shell capture as the simplest and easiest source of livelihood. However, with modernization, new species were introduced, Fishing practices were modified and innovative aquaculture technologies were adapted by local folks. Read more

Survey and Documentation of Traditional farming Tools and Implements of the Isnags of Apayao
(Evelyn P. Alvarez)

The Isnags are small ethnolinguistic group in the mountains of Apayao. They are of several mountain people who were never subdued in nearly 350 years of Spanish rule. This ethnolinguistic group brought with their customs and traditions as they clash for existence over the years. Shifting cultivation is their main occupation aside from fishing and hunting. Read more

Development of Lubeg(Syzygiumlaneatum(Roxb.)Merr. and Perry) Processed Products
(Normalina P. Usita)

Lubeg(Syzygiumlaneatum(Roxb.)Merr. and Perry) is lesser known fruit in the Provinceof Apayao , Philippines.It is a highly perishable fruit and belongs to family Myrtaceae.Read more

Assesment of Freshwater Resources in Apayao
(Agustina G. Pattung,Ph.D.)

The different tributaries of Apayao-Abulug River system serve as a source of aquatic food particularly fish,shell and crustaceans of the Iyapayaos.However,availability of these resources has declined in the past due of exploitation and siltation of the major water system.This study aimed to determine the biophysical and chemical characteristics of major river system and describe the habitat of fish and shells in the Province of Apayao. Read more