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Bid Notice Abstract

Request for Quotation(RFQ)

Reference Number: 2536621
Procuring Entity: Apayao State College
Title: Procurement of Agricultural Supplies
Area of Delivery: Apayao

Solicitation Number:   2014-02-002                                                             Status                                         Closed
Trade Agreement:       Implementing Rules and Regulations                Associated Components                             1
Procurement Mode:    Shoppings                                                         Bid Suppliments                                       0
Classification:            Goods                                                                Document Request List                             1
Category:            Agricultural Products
                         (Seeds,Seedlings,Plants.)                                            Last Updated/Time                  13/02/2014 00:00 AM
Delivery Period:                                                                                   Date Published                             13/02/2014
Client Agency:                                                                                     Last Updated/Time                  13/02/2014 00:00 AM
Contact Person: Reynaldo Paulo Gay0,Jr.                                           Closing Date/Time                    20/02/2014 09:00 AM
                          BAC Secretariat
                          Purok 5,Malaama Conner,Apayao
                          Philippine 3807
                          +63 918 9376233

1.270 bundles Cassava Stalks
2.1000 piece Taro Plants
3.500 kilo Ginger
4.100 sack Carbonized Rice Hull

Created by: Reynaldo Paulo Gayo,Jr.
Date Created 06/02/2014

For more Inquires:  Apayao State College()  Official Website: www.asc.edu.ph  Fax number: (078)844 0929 Cellphone number:09189376233  Email Address: asc1998_conner@yahoo.com;op_asc@yahoo.com