Program and Trust


    A productive, peaceful and healthy society thriving in an ecological equilibrium.


    The college undertakes researches for extension activities in order to introduce new knowledge and engender new technologies that will bring socio-economic development for the improvement of the quality of life of Iyapayaos.


* To attain development through the conduct of competitive researches for extension activities geared towards the upliftment of the socio-economic conditions of life.

* To contribute to the development of the tourism industry of the province which is one among the trusts of the province.

* To support the DENR and other agencies in the conservation of Apayao's Biodiversity.

* To develop research culture among faculty members and students attune with the CHED's Roadmap on Higher Education.


* To generate researches related to agriculture, forestry, environment and natural resources, education, information technology, industrial technology, engineering.

* To produce new technologies for adoption to users.

* To present research outputs in international, national, regional and local symposia or conferences.

* To publish researches in an internal journal, national and institutional journal for dissemination of research outputs.

* To patent technology research outputs for ownership of Intellectual Property Right..

Program Components

* Socio-economic profile of Apayao Province
* Curriculum
* Biodiversity
* Climate Change
* IKSP/ Indigenous peoples' Education
* Eco-tourism researches
* Departmental Researches
Capability Building

All researchers will have continuing staff development program in order to efficiency and effectively perform their research functions. The following suggested trainings can improve the competence of researchers in research:

1. Project Proposal Writing
2. Statistics
3. Writing Papers for Publication
4. Training on Patenting
5.Other related trainings

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