The overall goal of the College Extension Program is the improvement of the capability of the clientele to undertake and/or participate in the development and productive activities that will contribute in the betterment of their income, health and nutrition and eventually building self-reliant communities. With the collaborative efforts of the different departments,RDE Unit, and other line agencies, the targets for the quarter were achieved.
Capability Building

In response to the request of the officers of Kabugao Pastors and Workers Association, Lenneng, Kabugao, Apayao, a total of ten (10) officers were trained on Project Proposal Preparation held at Lenneng, Kabugao, Apayao spearheaded by the RDE Unit Conner Campus. A proposal on the establishment of a bakery was conceptualized to be submitted to DOLE- Apayao for funding on July 5, 2017.

A total of Forty (40) Senior High School students were trained on Action Research at Benjamin Leguiab Memorial National High School on July 6, 2017 by the RDE Unit.

Moreover, sixteen (16) IT enumerators were trained on REDAS- EDM software application held at ASC Luna campus in collaboration with Mariano Marcos State University held on July 7, 2017.

In order for the parents of the incoming senior high school students to be aware of what are the policies and other information about senior high school curriculum, SHS Orientation was held at Malama Barangay Hall. This was attended and participated by one hundred ninety eight (198) parents and guardians on July 8 and 15, 2017.

The RDE Unit conducted lecture and information drive among the twenty (20) Barangay Health Worker of barangay Malama on REDAS-EDM software on July 18, 2017. Likewise the same activity was conducted among elected and appointed barangay officials of Ripang, Conner, Apayao on August 7, 2017. The project is in collaboration with MMSU with the support from PCIEERD. The project aims to conduct science and technology cooperation region through research capability building on Disaster science and management utilizing state-of the- art technologies developed by the Phivolcs, PAGASA and MBG.

A total of Seventy Six (76) members and officers of the Peoples Organization organized by the DENR of Conner were trained on Financial Management System conducted by the Finance Unit of the college. The equipped the bookkeepers, treasurers and secretary in the proper management of records particularly financial matters.

The Teacher Education Department conducted Literacy Program among the One Hundred Twenty Nine (129) grade 7 Junior High School students of Conner Central National High School Main Campus on August 8, 2017 & September 1, 2017.

There were Sixty (60) students who attended the Lecture on Biodiversity on September 23, 2017 held in the main campus. Further, on September 30, 2017, in order to minimize the problem on solid waste management, the RDE Unit conducted a lecture on Solid Waste management.

With the active linkage between PNP and ASC , Case Conference and Workshop on Focus Crime ( RAPE ) at Luna that was conducted on April 24, 2017 attended 27 PNP and ASC employees of Luna Campus.

On June 29, 30 & July 1, 2017, a total of one hundred (100) participants were trained on Enhancing English Proficiency by the Teacher Education Department in Luna Campus. Moreover, Fifty Six (56) participants participated in the Negosyo Mentoring Program in collaboration with department of Trade and Industry on September 8, 2017


The RDE Unit and Departmental RDE coordinators prepared and packaged documents of the six (6) programs in Area VI- Extension and Community Services. These were subjected to AACCUP accreditation on September 13-15, 2017.

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture –level II
Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management- Level II
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration –Level II
Master of Arts in Education Major in Educational Management –Level II
Master in Public Administration- Level II
Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education- Level III

During the second day of the accreditation visit, the accreditors conducted actual validation of the extension programs, projects and activities conducted by the programs under survey. For the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, the Gulayan sa Paaralan at Calafug Elementary School. Mrs. Kidicdian, Venus Batay- an, Cecilia Bagsangi, and Mrs. Grazel Frilless, shared their experiences in the extension program. They testimonied that there is an observed increase of households practicing garden in every home. Mrs. Kidicdian, shared that after one year of implementation of the project and educating the mothers, and parents during their Brigada iskwela, it was observed that most of the households have their backyard gardens. Teachers in Calafug Elementary School also mentioned that because of the impact of the activity, Mrs. Kidicdian came out with an Instructional Material.

Triangulation of data was conducted at Paddaoan Food Association officers and members. This is part of the SAPAT Project of the College. A visit at the communal garden served as a seed bank of the association. For the other programs like BSHRM, BSE BSBA MPA and MAED, it was done in RIMALIPAD NABA MPC. There were interviews to the middle managers of the cooperatives. According to the Managers, they are very thankful to ASC for always supporting the cooperatives despite hectic schedules including DAR. Through their assistance, they were able to acquire materials/ equipment funded by DOLE Apayao and now it is operational. They also mentioned that series of trainings were conducted by different departments in order to capacitate manpower to manage the project. The Master in Public Administration carry out trainings on good governance like leadership training, conflict management, book keeping etc. Moreover, the accreditors also visited Ili National High School to validate extension activities conducted by the Master of Arts in Educational Management particularly on Action Research and Educational Technology.


Two (2) Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs) were forged between Apayao State College (Graduate School & BSE) and Conner Central National High School on July 12, 2017.