The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

       The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, usually abbreviated as either B.Sc.(Agr.) or B.S.A. or B.Sc.(Ag.) or B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. is the first undergraduate degree awarded by university faculty of agriculture and agricultural colleges. he program is 4 years of study above Grade 12 High School graduation. The B.Sc.(Agr.) degree differs from a B.Sc. degree in that the courses focus on agriculture: for example, the student will study agricultural economics rather than economics. Like engineering or forestry, agricultural science courses are infused with practicality. The B.Sc.(Agr.) degree is normally not a general degree but requires specialization: for example, majoring in animal science, plant protection, soil science or agricultural engineering. .


       To be the primordial computer education centered area that is responsive to sustainability and excellence. .


       1. To be a center of excellence in computer education that will cater to the needs of the service area and the international market as well. .

       2. To produce globally competitive information technology graduates. .

        3. To develop in the students the culture and values of excellence and quality in the dispense of IT services. .



       2. Professionalism

       3. Transparency